Local Culture and Modern Comfort at Singapore’s Best Boutique Hotels

Discover the beauty and colour of one of the world’s most diverse societies. The Santa Grand chain is situated in some of the most exciting and historically and culturally-lively districts in Singapore. Each individual hotel represents its surroundings through their tasteful and unique décor.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and high-quality experience for our customers, and are dedicated to offering everyone the finest service. Each location is staffed by cordial and professional front desk officers and support staff dedicated to your satisfaction, so you know that when you make a booking with us you’re staying at the best boutique hotels in the city.

Whether you’re on holiday or on secondment or a business trip, you’ll find our locations perfectly suited to your needs. For short and long stays, you’ll love the Santa Grand network. We blend the beauty and rustic charm of the city’s heritage precincts with the latest modern conveniences, providing all the usual comforts like in-room LCD TV with cable, complimentary Wi-Fi and local call services, and laundry and dry cleaning.

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Our boutique hotels offer you a window to the most vibrant areas of our city

Singapore is one of the most diverse societies on earth, the product of centuries of mingling between different cultures, peoples and interests. Much of the country’s history is still visible in the unique and varied districts of the city. Find yourself at the heart of it in one of our premium locations.

As our hotels help you unearth parts of our city’s past, treat yourself to a delicious meal, or tour the ancient buildings and connect with something different. Immerse yourself in our world with a stay at a Santa Grand hotel.

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