• More Fantastic National Monuments in Singapore

    We have already brought you an article containing details of ten of Singapore’s interesting National Monuments. If you’re thirsty to see more of Singapore’s heritage, history, and architecture, here are some more fascinating and striking sights around the country: House of Tan Yeok Nee A typical Teochew-Style home, the House of Tan Yeok Nee is […]

  • Explore Singapore’s Jalan Besar

    A big road that runs through Singapore’s area of Kallang, the area around Jalan Besar, as well as the bustling road itself, is home to a variety of interesting sights. It is also a great place to enjoy a diverse selection of Singapore’s tasty local food. It is a conservation area today. Here’s an overview […]

  • Interesting Sculptures and Statues around Singapore

    Singapore is filled with public art. Just wander around and you’ll spot statues and sculptures everywhere, from parks, places of worship, and shopping malls, to alongside the rivers and outside museums. Some are fairly traditional in their design, whilst others have taken a more contemporary approach. Most symbolize something, and some have meanings and messages, […]

  • Singapore Neighbourhood Overview: Bras Basah

    Bras Brasah was previously its own Singaporean neighbourhood, but was eventually merged with the nearby Bugis. Now the area, sometimes referred to as BBB or Triple B, is a fantastic place to soak up some of the country’s history and heritage, Located in the Civic Centre, the Bras Basah Bugis Precinct is Singapore’s arts and […]

  • Interesting National Monuments in Singapore

    There are a large number of National Monuments in Singapore, comprising historical and heritage buildings, monuments, and other sites that are deemed to be of large national significance. These sites are protected by law, namely the Preservation of Monuments Act, which makes it an offence to destroy or deface these important structures. Some are famous […]

  • Singapore’s Last Kampung: Pulau Ubin Overview

    A lovely day retreat where you can experience a side of Singapore that has otherwise been forgotten, Pulau Ubin is often referred to as Singapore’s last remaining kampung (village). A rural and rustic island where the pace of life is slow and here you’ll feel like you’ve taken a magical step back in time to […]

  • Gift-Giving Etiquette in Singapore

    It may seem like a relatively easy task, but if you want to give a gift to a Singaporean, there is a whole host of customs and conventions to be aware of! Whilst many people will simply be thankful that you thought of them, without reading too much into any surrounding circumstances, it may be […]

  • Quirky Singapore: Haw Par Villa

    Haw Par Villa is one of Singapore’s most unusual attractions. Built by Burmese-Chinese brothers who conducted business in Singapore, it dates back to 1937. Originally named the Tiger Balm Gardens, the park was created with the goal of reminding people of traditional and long-standing Chinese morals and values. Home to numerous fascinating and thought-provoking larger-than-life […]

  • Ang Mo Kio Heritage Trail

    There are several interesting heritage trails that take you on fascinating journeys through Singapore’s past and present, allowing you to learn more about significant places that you may otherwise have missed and explore neighbourhoods that you might not have previously considered adding to your travel itinerary. Great ways to get out and about and uncover […]

  • Who Was George D. Coleman?

    George D. Coleman, full name George Drumgoole Coleman, is often said to have been Singapore’s first architect. Born in Ireland in 1795, he first went to Singapore in 1822. Acting as an adviser to Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles after the founding of Singapore, George D. Coleman played a major part in creating the infrastructure and […]