• Transportation in Singapore

    Singapore benefits from an excellent public transportation system and so getting around all of the major places is usually really easy and hassle-free. Efficient, reliable, convenient, clean, and reasonably priced all help to make Singapore’s public transport network really appealing for visitors. If you’re planning on moving around within the country a lot, the Singapore […]

  • Culture in Singapore

    Singapore has a wonderful melange of different cultures and traditions created by the various different ethnic groups that moved to Singapore over the course of its history. The main groups are Malay, Chinese, and Indian, and there are also some strong British influences within Singaporean culture, a remnant from the times of British colonisation. There […]

  • Singapore Shopping

    In a country where shopping is seen as something of a national hobby, sometimes almost bordering on the compulsive, it is fair to say that there are many great places to enjoy some retail therapy in Singapore! The shopping scene is so fabulous that some people even plan their holiday in Singapore about the buzz […]

  • Best Views in Singapore

    There are a number of great spots around Singapore where you can enjoy excellent views of the iconic Singapore skyline, the harbour, and more. Here are some ideas of places to go for incredible views and the perfect photographs! Singapore Flyer As the world’s tallest observation wheel you are all but sure of amazing panoramic […]

  • Eating Your Way Around Singapore

    It is often joked that shopping and eating are two favourite pastimes for Singaporeans … you will certainly find plenty of places to enjoy a great meal or tasty snack. From world-class gourmet restaurants through to food courts, hawker stalls, and street vendors, there are many options to satisfy your hunger in Singapore. Local cuisine […]

  • Highlights of Singapore

    For a relatively small country, Singapore really packs in a lot for visitors who want a range of terrific things to see and do. Although many people allow just a few days to race round the main Singapore sites, you’ll certainly find enough to keep you busy for much longer! Time permitting, make sure that […]