• Enjoy the Varied Attractions at Imbiah Lookout

    Imbiah Lookout is near to Mount Imbiah on the popular Sentosa Island. Unnamed until the early 2000s, Imbiah Lookout is now a favourite place for fun when on Sentosa. There is something for people of all ages, and you can combine great shopping, delicious dining, interesting nature, and terrific views with history and culture. Here […]

  • Overview of Hinduism

    Hinduism is a very old religion. Indeed, it is the oldest major religion that is still practiced around the world today. It is unknown how and when Hinduism began, or who founded the religion. Whilst Hinduism is particularly common in India and nearby areas, it has spread around the world, including to Singapore. It is […]

  • Water Play Areas for Kids around Singapore

    If you’re visiting Singapore with children you will probably be considering all the different ways in which you can keep them happy and occupied during your stay. Whilst there are several terrific attractions and activities throughout Singapore that are great for families, such as Singapore Zoo, he Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, boat rides, the […]

  • Book Direct and Save

    Book directly with us for the lowest price guaranteed! We believe strongly in providing our guests with a local hospitality experience. Through direct booking, we will ensure that your stay with us is taken care of with the utmost personalized services from us, with lowest price guaranteed. Benefits: Fast and easy. Reservation is made directly with […]

  • Overview of Buddhism

    Buddhism began in the areas that are today India and Nepal, started by Siddhartha Gautama, who is commonly referred to as the Lord Buddha. He taught how to find the way to enlightenment and, therefore, happiness. Buddhism can trace its beginnings back to between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. It was spread across the […]

  • Wedding Hotspots in Singapore

    If you’re looking for somewhere fabulous to celebrate your wedding in Singapore there are many excellent choices. Whether you want a traditional event or something with a modern twist, Singapore offers many ways for happy couples to cement their relationship. Of course, there are numerous gorgeous hotels where you can hold your big day, but […]

  • Other Religions in Singapore

    After already having looked at some of the main religions in Singapore – Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Taoism, this article will look at some of the other religions and spiritual practices that also help to make Singapore such a religiously diverse nation. Sikhism Sikhism was introduced to Singapore in the late 1840s. The religion […]

  • Main Religions in Singapore

    Singapore is one of the most religiously diverse countries on the planet. Considering the country’s history, however, along with its diverse population and multi-cultural society, this is hardly surprising. Singapore’s Constitution grants freedom of religion, with just a few limitations. It also seeks to prevent actions that could cause divisions and problems on the grounds […]

  • handy Devices

    Apart from our hot deals, we are proud to introduce a free feature, handy smartphones, to all of our in-house guests during your stay at Santa Grand Bugis, Santa Grand East Coast & Santa Grand West Coast. Feel free to roam, without the fear of getting lost or disconnected. Experience Singapore with these complimentary handy smartphones, personalized with […]

  • Know Before You Go: Singaporean Laws Part 2

    Having already looked at Singaporean laws related to drugs, smoking, and alcohol, there are a few more laws that are particularly relevant for visitors to Singapore. These include: Nudity Laws Being naked in public places is prohibited everywhere in Singapore. There are no nudist beaches and you shouldn’t even think about going late night skinny […]