• The Historic Quays of Singapore

    In the past, there were three main quays along the Singapore River: Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and Robertson Quay. Major elements of the Port of Singapore, the quays were busy and bustling places that saw almost continuous activity. Integral to the country’s success as a port, the quays had many warehouses and storage areas, and […]

  • Know Before You Go: Singaporean Laws Part 1

    Singapore has a really low crime rate, partly due to the existence of strict laws and the strong enforcement of said laws, but also due to the high moral standards of locals. That’s not to say that the country sees no crime; as with every place in the world, Singapore does still have some crime. […]

  • Convention Centres and Exhibition Venues around Singapore

    If you are a corporate or business visitor to Singapore it may be that you are travelling in order to attend a conference, exhibition, or other such similar event. You might even be involved in planning a large-scale event. It may, therefore, be useful to know about the different conference and exhibition venues located around […]

  • Singapore for Sports Lovers

    A variety of sporting activities are popular in Singapore, and there are several places where you can watch local sports as well as many sporting venues where you can get fit yourself if you are feeling active! Water sports, motor sports, football, volleyball, cricket, cycling, rugby, and basketball are amongst some of the common sports […]

  • Merlions of Singapore

    With the scaly body of a fish and the head of a fearsome lion, the Merlion is an omnipresent symbol throughout Singapore. It represents Singapore’s early life as a fishing area and the fact that Singapore’s name means the Lion City in Malay. Used as one of the country’s main identifying symbols and appearing on […]

  • What is Tamil?

    You will probably hear the word “Tamil” used to describe people, architecture, culture, and other things when you’re travelling around Singapore. You may already know that it relates to certain parts of the Indian community in Singapore, but what else do you know about Tamil? Tamil People Tamil is an ethnic group of people that […]

  • Singapore’s Beaches

    As an island nation, it will come as no surprise to hear that Singapore is home to several nice beaches. Whilst Singapore’s beaches aren’t as celebrated as those in other nearby South East Asian countries, there are, nonetheless, some nice places to lay down your towel on the sands, take a swim in the sea, […]

  • Terrific Outdoor Play Areas for Kids in Singapore

    Play areas are a brilliant way to spend a fun few hours with the kids. Luckily, Singapore has a great selection of places where the kids can run and play in the fresh air whilst travelling in Singapore as a family. Some great outdoor play areas to visit when in Singapore include: West Coast Park […]

  • Great Indoor Kids’ Play Areas in Singapore

    If you’re visiting Singapore with your kids you will probably be thinking about different ways to keep them both entertained and amused as well as things to do that will prevent them from getting overheated in the often high temperatures. Why not plan to spend a few hours here and there is some of the […]

  • Have Fun at the Gardens by the Bay

    A large and beautiful attraction at Marina Bay, the spectacular Gardens by the Bay are amongst the country’s top attractions. It is easy to spend several hours enjoying the many different areas and splendid features, and, if possible, it is highly recommended to visit at least twice – to enjoy the gardens both by day […]