Different Ways to Enjoy Fabulous Art around Singapore

Want to explore your inner creative whilst on holiday in Singapore? If art is your thing you will probably be pleased to know that not only does Singapore boast some top class art museums and galleries, but is also has loads of interesting displays of public art to feast your eyes upon. There are several excellent performance venues too, that host a variety of shows if the performing arts are more up your street, and don’t forget the fantastic array of architectural styles as well.

Some great places to admire art in Singapore include:

Singapore Art Museum

Often abbreviated to SAM, this is one of the country’s premier attractions for art aficionados. Home to an expansive selection of modern art, the main focus is on pieces from the different nations that make up South East Asia. As well as different types of modern art you can also catch a great performance here too. If you want to really dig deeper you could even join a workshop or attend a demonstration or art lecture, where the professional and knowledgeable speakers will fill your head and inspire your inner artist.


For even more brilliant modern art don’t forget to check out this sibling of SAM. You can really get your creative juices flowing with the excellent assortment of different art media.

Red Dot Design Museum

Whilst not strictly an art museum, the innovative creations at the Red Dot Design Museum can sometimes be seen as artistic works … they are certainly very creative! Interesting and eye-opening, it is one of the best design museums in Singapore and is a popular place for visitors.

National Museum of Singapore

Although not dedicated solely to the arts, the National Museum of Singapore has a large section that is dedicated to works of art. It is also home to the country’s national treasures. Many of the artistic works are of a more classical genre.

ArtScience Museum

Showing how art and science can work together in harmony, there are large displays that are dedicated to both individual disciplines. It is a great place for the whole family to enjoy, with things to appeal to diverse age groups. The building is perhaps one of the most unusual in Singapore, with a silvery lotus flower making up the main part.

Peranakan Heritage Centre

Dealing with all things related to the Peranakan culture and heritage, there are many decorative artistic items within the centre to admire. Peranakan patterns are very distinctive and attractive.


There are several galleries around the country showcasing a variety of different types of artwork. You might even see something that really grabs your attention and that you would love to buy to display in your own home! For all things related to Japanese art don’t miss the great Mizuma Gallery. In the Michael Janssen Gallery you can see a collection of pieces by newer artists, and in the Opera Gallery you can marvel at older works by famous names in the world of art.

Public Art

Many of the sparkly shopping malls have superb displays outside and within their main entrance areas. There are also many more outside hotels and within other public places.