Eating Your Way Around Singapore

It is often joked that shopping and eating are two favourite pastimes for Singaporeans … you will certainly find plenty of places to enjoy a great meal or tasty snack. From world-class gourmet restaurants through to food courts, hawker stalls, and street vendors, there are many options to satisfy your hunger in Singapore.

Local cuisine combines elements from Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian fare, and it is also easy to notice influences from British and Portuguese dishes too at times.  Thai, Sri Lankan, and Middle Eastern flavours have also made their way into Singaporean food, and you can find a wonderful selection of global cuisine as well. In short, there really is something for almost every taste in Singapore!

Visit these places for a true taste of delicious Singapore:

Food Courts and Hawker Centres

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There are food courts in most major shopping centres and they not only serve up a variety of tasty dishes but they are also generally very reasonably priced. There are also many hawker centres across the country where you’ll find loads of seating and a terrific assortment of dishes. Popular with locals as well as tourists, these food courts and hawker centres are the perfect place to sample a diverse array of Singapore dishes at prices that won’t break the bank. If you are travelling as part of a group they are ideal places to order a selection of different dishes for everyone to tuck in and share. Found all around the country, you won’t have to look far if you want something to eat!

Some of the best eateries include the extensive Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, the Newton Food Centre, the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, Makansutra Gluttons Bay, and the Zion Riverside Food Centre. Chomp Chomp Food Centre’s late opening hours makes it a perfect option for people with the late night munchies!

One of the biggest names, however, when it comes to hawker stalls and delicious traditional food is the Singapore Food Trail. Attracting many tourists, it offers a taste of the Singapore of yesteryear.  With a 1960s theme, it is possible to find some dishes here that you won’t find in other places around the country.

Little India

Tantalising and tempting smells waft through the air as you pass by many stalls cooking their goodies at the side of the road. There are numerous restaurants too, many of which are pretty informal. Veggie lovers and meat eaters will find plenty to satisfy their appetites here and there are plenty of places that offer buffet style dining for those times when you just can’t decide!


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A plethora of places to eat and drink await you in Chinatown, and whether you’re craving some dim sum, noodles, crispy duck, oyster omelettes, satay, various delights with rice, or any other Chinese favourites, you’ll find something here to make you smile. There are street sellers, whole in the wall style eateries, casual restaurants, and top end restaurants. The area is also home to one of the biggest food courts in Singapore – the enormous Chinatown Complex Food Centre. The Maxwell Road Hawker Centre is another popular choice in the heart of Chinatown.

Kampong Glam

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For a taste of the Middle East and North Africa, make sure you don’t miss the various eating establishments in Kampong Glam. You’ll find everything from Moroccan and Egyptian fare to Lebanese, Israeli, and Iranian favourites. International dishes are also available, with French, Mexican, Italian, and Japanese joints, to name but a few. A predominantly Muslim area, you won’t see pork on many menus. Some places also do not serve alcohol, so if having a drink with your meal is important to you make sure that you check before you order. There are, however, heaps of places where you can unwind with a shisha pipe.

Swanky Restaurants

Singapore isn’t short on posh places to eat! World class chefs revel in putting modern twists to classic favourites and creating their own sumptuous fusions for the very best taste sensations. Some of the most famous high end restaurants around include Waku Ghin at the Marina Bay Sands, Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Shinji, Red Star Restaurant, Shiraishi, JAAN at the Stamford Hotel, Gunthers, Ola Cocina Del Mar, and Imperial Treasure Peking Duck. These are ideal for special occasions.

There are thousands of places to eat in Singapore, so give your taste buds a treat and enjoy a culinary journey through this interesting country.