Enjoying the River Safari

The fabulous River Safari is one of Singapore’s top attractions for animal-lovers, families, and people looking for something a little different to do when on their vacation. Open officially since 2014, it is not only the newest wildlife attraction in Singapore, but it is also the first of its kind in all of Asia. Don’t miss out on experiencing the magic of this unique Singaporean attraction!

Concept of the River Safari

The River Safari is a wildlife park that focuses on the habitats and creatures of different river systems from around the world. Whilst you can see river-dwelling animals at other attractions, nowhere brings you closer to their natural environment than the River Safari. Divided into ten different areas, you can take a thrilling journey around the world, with representations of the River Nile, the Amazon River, the Ganges River, the Mekong River, the Mississippi River, and more.

Creatures at the River Safari

You won’t just see creatures that actually live in the water, like fish and reptiles, but you will also have the chance to observe from close quarters a range of fascinating creatures, big and small, that typically dwell close to flowing waters.

Watch as tamarin forage in the undergrowth and be in awe of the fearsome alligator snapping turtle. Gaze in amazement at the mudskipper, a fish that can hop across the land outside of the water, plunge you hands in a touch pool to feel the different textures of various aquatic creatures, see the beautiful rainbow-like colours of a host of tropical fish, see giant salamanders that have been on earth since prehistoric times, and more.

A firm favourite with many visitors is the Panda Forest, where you can feast your eyes on the beautiful and gentle giant pandas. Watch as they eat, sleep, play, and meander around. The adorable red pandas are also sure to delight. The spider monkey forest is another popular feature. Step into an Amazonian rainforest and hear the small monkey’s distinctive call from in the trees, and watch out for them leaping and swinging from branch to branch.
With more than 6,000 creatures to admire, you are sure to be enraptured.

Getting around the River Safari

There are areas that you can explore by foot, taking a leisurely stroll and stopping to peer into the aquariums and take pictures of your favourite water-dwellers. A boat trip is, however, often a highlight for many visitors. The Amazon River Quest and the River Safari Cruise take you on an exciting adventure filled with discoveries, allowing you to relax as you take in the wonders all around. The River Safari Cruise is particularly enjoyable, taking you on a trip around one of Singapore’s bodies of water (the Upper Seletar Reservoir), and giving you the opportunity to see animals that live in the zoo as you enjoy the views of Singapore.

Practical Information for Enjoying the River Safari

The River Safari is located between two of Singapore’s other top animal attractions; the excellent Singapore Zoo and the inspiring Singapore Night Safari. It is open between 10 am and 7 pm, although do note that the last time to embark on a boat trip is 6 pm. It is possible to visit all three neighbouring attractions in the same day for the ultimate in animal discoveries.

If you’re feeling hungry, call into one of the terrific restaurants for a tasty bite to eat. You can also pick up gifts and souvenirs from a number of outlets within the park.

Admission costs 30 SGD for adults and 20 SGD for children between the ages of 3 and 12. The price includes the River Safari boat trip. Concessions are available for seniors. There is an additional fee of 5 SGD for adults and 3 SGD for children to experience the joys of the Amazon River Quest cruise.