Exploring Bugis

A popular area within Singapore, Bugis is home to a great selection of different attractions for everyone. Easy to reach by the MRT, a stroll around the area is definitely a highlight; simply wander around and soak up the different vibrant sights and sounds as you absorb the energy and atmosphere.

Some great things to do in Bugis include:

Walk Along Arab Street

Named after the large communities of Arab traders that made this place their home in the past, today you can dine in a wide selection of restaurants that serve delicious cuisine from the Middle East. Sink your teeth into tasty falafel, drool over delicious hummus, enjoy a succulent kebab … there are many tempting delights! There are also a number of terrific shops, some of which sell a colourful assortment of traditional Arab items such as striking rugs and hookah pipes.

Stroll Along Haji Lane

A great place for shopping, it is a far cry from the large malls that are so well-known in Singapore. With a good assortment of unusual and independent retailers, it is a top place to visit if you are looking to pick up something that little bit different to take home with you or to give as a gift. There are also many different styles of clothes to choose from too, and don’t worry if you feel a little peckish – the delightful cafes will keep you going!

Discover Bugis Village

Another fantastic place for shopaholics, Bugis Village has numerous stalls that are just perfect for browsing. You’ll find a wide assortment of goods, including things like clothes, accessories, watches, souvenirs, and gifts.

Soak up the Culture at the Malay Heritage Centre

The perfect place to learn more about one of Singapore’s main ethnic groups, the Malay Heritage Centre gives lots of information about the early settlement on the island and the different challenges that early Malays had to overcome. It also shows how Malay people and their culture have helped to shape Singapore into the diverse nation that it is today. A great place for history lovers and people who like to learn more about heritage, the grounds are also very beautiful ad interesting. There are many displays and exhibits to enjoy.

Admire the Gleaming Sultan Mosque

At the end of Arab Street stands a beautiful gem of a religious building – the striking Sultan Mosque. The biggest Islamic place of worship in all of Singapore, you can take a tour outside of prayer times. Dopped by a stunning dome, it dates back to the 1920s.

Feel the Spiritual Air at Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

The pretty Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is a lovely Buddhist temple in the Bugis area. It is an excellent place to see a little of the local spiritual life, and as well as attracting overseas visitors it is also a popular local place of religious activity. You will likely see Singaporean people lighting incense and leaving offerings. As well as the striking temple you should also take some time to explore the nearby streets that are home to fortune tellers, palmists, and stalls selling religious memorabilia and items, such as flower garlands and incense, to leave as offerings and to make merit.

Around Bugis you can also see the interesting building that houses the National Library, relax in a couple of nice parks, and enjoy a lively night scene.