Fruit and Vegetable Farms around Singapore

For a country that is often seen by outsiders as being super modern with many towering skyscrapers and sleek architecture, many visitors are surprised to find that there are also beautiful pockets of nature around Singapore, including some lovely farms. As farming is not so big in Singapore, and the country imports a lot of its produce, Singapore’s farms can be something of a novelty. There are those that welcome visitors, happy to let them look around the farm and learn more about their growing methods. You can also enjoy tasting various locally-grown fresh fruit and veggies!

Whether you are looking for somewhere different to take the kids or want to experience a more rural side of Singapore, here are some top choices of farms to visit:

Fire Flies Health Farm

Fire Flies Health Farm is a completely organic farm that uses no animal waste or chemicals. An excellent place to enjoy a working organic farm, there is a lovely pond within the grounds too. The pond attracts a variety of bugs and insects, great for inquisitive little minds. You can learn more about the different crops grown onsite, as well as the methods used to produce healthy plants and ensure good yields. Have a look at the main growing area, wander through the aromatic herb garden, learn more about a plant’s early beginnings with a peek in the nursery, see the large piles of organic compost, and perhaps treat yourself to some fresh and tasty delights from the farm shop.

Bollywood Veggies

In the heart of the green and peaceful Kranji Countryside, Bollywood Veggies is a great place to unwind, relax, and feel atone with nature. The large growing areas are great for walks in the fresh air, and you can see lots of small creatures, such as snails, spiders, insects, butterflies, and birds. The attractive views are sure to soothe your soul.

The small onsite visitors centre / museum tells you more about the different crops grown on the farm, the methods the farm uses, and the history of farming and food in Singapore.

Bollywood Veggies operates a number of informative and interesting courses and activities, although most do require advance booking. Examples include cooking lessons, talks, guided tours, honey tasting, hands on assistance with planting and potting, fishing, and learning how to build scarecrows that will keep pesky birds away from young crops.

After your visit, why not sit down to a tasty meal at the onsite restaurant? The various tempting dishes make good use of fresh and locally-grown ingredients. See if you can taste the goodness!

Green Circle Eco Farm

Just a short distance outside of the city centre, this is a fantastic place to see lots of eco-friendly activities in practice. The farm does not allow or use any chemicals, and you’ll see how recycling and reuse feature highly in the farm’s work. The farm tries as hard as possible to have a low carbon footprint. Rain water is used to water plants. There is a well-stocked farm shop, allowing you take away some wholesome goodness. To see more, you could also book onto a guided tour.

Other great farms include Oh! Farms, Quan Fa Organic Farm, Farmart, Edible Gardens, and The Growell Pop Up.