Great Things to do in Changi Airport

A major gateway to Singapore, the main airport in the country, and also a significant air transportation hub for connecting flights to other parts of Asia and beyond, Changi Airport is an attraction in its own right! It is one airport that you will probably want to get yourself all checked in as early as possible to enjoy the veritable treat of activities and experiences that are contained within the airport complex. It really isn’t just a place to catch a flight!

One of the busiest airports in the world, the airport boasts so many ways for passengers to pass the time as they wait for flights. It is well- connected to the rest of Singapore by road and rail and is the home airport of a number of regional airlines.

Opened in the early 1980s, the airport has three main passenger terminals. You can walk between the different areas, although taking the Changi Airport Skytrain is a faster and more novel option.

Here are some great things to do in Changi Airport as you wait for your onward journey:

Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

If you’re on a stopover or just haven’t gotten enough of Singapore’s amazing malls and markets, Changi Airport contains a dazzling assortment of fabulous retail areas. Designer fashion abounds, and you can find many beautiful clothes, jewellery, and accessories. There are shops selling a selection of high-tech gadgets and gizmos, and if you’re short on reading material for your flight just pop into one of the book or magazine stores. Need a last minute gift for someone? No problem – there are many good options.

Take the Kids to Play

A number of enticing kids’ play areas can be found throughout the airport, meaning that there us no reason at all for the little ones to get bored whilst waiting. They can enjoy various colourful soft play zones, toys, and games. There is ample seating for the parents too.

Dine on Delicious Fare

Changi Airport has a large number of restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can enjoy one last fabulous taste of Singapore before departing for pastures new. You can grab a quick bite to eat if you are eager to discover the rest of the airport’s delights or linger for longer in one of the gourmet eateries.

Admire Beautiful Sunflowers

The Sunflower Garden is positively radiant with the bright yellow hues of lovely sunflowers in all different sizes. Take some time to stroll through the calming mellow yellows and soak up the soothing atmosphere.

See Gorgeous Butterflies

Another unusual airport attraction is the delightful Butterfly Garden. Take a walk through the garden and watch as colourful butterflies flit all around you. Big butterflies, small butterflies … they are all sure to keep you captivated!

Feel the Rush on the Slide

Changi Airport is home to the tallest slide in the whole country. Standing at 12 metres tall it is the equivalent height of a four-storey building! Loved by children and adults alike it is certainly a fun activity to find within an airport. Whoosh down and boast later about your fun and unusual experience.

Relax with a Blissful Massage

If time is pretty short, hop into one of the massage chairs that are dotted around the airport and feel your stresses and strains simply melting away as the chairs work their magic. Alternatively, treat yourself to a longer and more luxurious session in one of the massage parlours and spa centres. You can choose between an impressive selection of treatments and techniques to put you in just the right mood for a flight. If you’ve been walking around a lot why not have a foot massage? Using traditional Chinese reflexology it also benefits the whole body. A fish spa is a terrific way to give your lower body parts a little TLC and remove all the dead skin for perfectly smooth feet.

You can catch up with some sleep in the peaceful Snooze Lounge, catch a latest release in the free cinema, watch variety of sports in the XPerience Zone, get your game on in the entertainment zone … and more!