Have Fun at the Gardens by the Bay

A large and beautiful attraction at Marina Bay, the spectacular Gardens by the Bay are amongst the country’s top attractions. It is easy to spend several hours enjoying the many different areas and splendid features, and, if possible, it is highly recommended to visit at least twice – to enjoy the gardens both by day and by night.
Created with the aim of turning Singapore into a “City in a Garden” and adding more green spaces to a nation that is well-known for being very built up, the Gardens by the Bay are great for all different types of traveller.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to relax for a few hours between business meetings, want to find somewhere that will appeal to kids and adults alike, would love to take your partner somewhere special, or if you simply enjoy discovering new places and spending time outdoors, you are sure to fall in love with the delightful Gardens by the Bay.

Here are some of the amazing things you will find within the award-winning Gardens by the Bay:


The large and looming Supertrees are perhaps some of the most well-known features of the stunning Gardens by the Bay. Somewhat futuristic and avatar-like, the towering structures are filled with plants and flowers to make beautiful upright gardens that reach towards the skies. There are 18 wonderful Supertrees in total, with their heights varying between 25 metres and 50 metres. There are three Supertrees within the enchanting Silver Gardens and another three in the captivating Golden Garden. Supertree Grove is very impressive with its 12 fabulous constructions that are all inter-connected. Gaze up at the fabulous creations, admiring how engineering and nature can come together to create something truly magical and unique.

By day, the pretty and aromatic flowers of the Supertrees are sure to delight, whilst at night the bright lights will appeal to almost everyone. Don’t miss the brilliant sound and light show in the evenings. A high walkway connects two of the trees, allowing visitors to take a stroll high I the air and feast their eyes on the magnificent beauty all around. There is also a restaurant at the top of the tallest Supertree – SuperTree by IndoChine – where you can enjoy delicious food in a lavish atmosphere.

Cloud Forest

Set within an enormous bio-dome, a towering 35 metre tall mountain is surrounded in entrancing mists and covered with typical mountain flora. Home to the world’s biggest indoor waterfall, visitors can ride the elevator to the top of the mountain for incredible views.

Flower Dome

Another indoor attraction at the Gardens by the Bay, the gorgeous Flower Dome is filled with fascinating and beautiful flowers. The biggest glass greenhouse in the world, a visit is educational as well as fun. There are interactive displays, and ancient olive tree, and a seasonal centrepiece. The colourful flowers are offset nicely by the Marina skyline.

Children’s Garden

Combining nature and play, the Children’s Garden is a great place for younger visitors to the Gardens by the Bay. A cool tree house awaits, as well as traditional playground equipment, tunnels, a water play area, and a dedicated area for toddlers.

Heritage Garden

The spectacular Heritage Garden tells the story of Singapore’s cultural connections with plants. Different areas are dedicated to the three main ethnic groups of Singapore, with a fourth zone that covers the country’s colonial history. Learn more about local agriculture, spice trade, medicinal plants, and more.

The Sun Pavilion boasts loads of species of cacti, the World of Plants is great for budding botanists who want to learn more, and the scenic Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes are home to plenty of aquatic life.