Holland Village Overview

One of the most Bohemian parts of Singapore, a visit to Holland Village is well worth your time when exploring Singapore. Easy to reach by bus and taxi, the area also has its own MRT station. Known locally as the Holland V, did you know that there has also been a TV show about the area?!

A great place for shopping, eating, and drinking, it offers a trendy and chic vibe with undertones of a traditional and ethnic ambiance. It is especially popular with younger members of Singaporean society and expats.
Discover more about one of Singapore’s cool neighbourhoods with this handy overview:

Location and Name

You’ll find Holland Village in the central part of the country, close to Bukit Timah and Queenstown. As well as the main Holland Village, the area also contains a big housing estate called Holland Close and a neighbourhood called Chip Bee Gardens.

The area was named after Holland Road, which was, in turn, named after a former resident called Hugh Holland. Hugh Holland was an architect and actor. The area was, however, initially home to a large Dutch community; whilst the name may not have been given to the area for this reason, there is also an apt meaning to the name.

History of Holland Village

The land around Holland Village was once covered by plantations and agricultural areas. Some of the area’s earliest inhabitants were Dutch, later followed by members of the British armed forces. With a history of meeting the needs and expectations of foreign residents, Holland Village began to attract even more expats, especially those who were more well-to-do and affluent. A number of posh clubs grew, and local traders offered high-class goods and services to the wealthy occupants.


Holland Village is home to a great selection of places to shop, with a wide variety of goods to choose between. There are four main shopping streets in the neighbourhood: Holland Avenue, Jalan Merah Saga, Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong. The stores in Holland Village are particularly great if you are looking for plenty of arts and crafts, gift and souvenir shops, unusual decorative items for the home, organic and international food products, and well-made tailored clothes. The stores also stock a good selection of things aimed at expats in Singapore.
There are also two shopping centres: Holland Road Shopping Centre and Holland V Mall. Holland V Mall is particularly-worth stopping by to see the quaint windmill perched on top.

Eating and Drinking

Take a stroll along Jalan Merah Saga or Lorong Mambong and you’ll see numerous popular and top-quality bars and restaurants housed within the rows of shops. These are perfect for a great night out, although, do be sure to make a reservation first to avoid disappointment!

You’ll find an incredibly diverse selection of cuisine in Holland Village, with plenty of local and international dishes to satisfy any tastes and cravings. Whether you fancy some traditional Singaporean fare, a taste of Thai, a mouthful of Mexican, a dish loaded with American favourites, or something else, Holland Village’s eateries won’t disappoint!

From stylish wine bars and chic coffee shops, to relaxed and cosy pubs, you’ll find a great array of environments and atmospheres in Holland Village.

When it comes to nightlife, Holland Village is, naturally, livelier at the weekends. You can expect the parties to keep pumping until around 3 am. Whether you want a night of jazz, live music, disco tunes, or something different altogether, make sure you check out Holland Village at night time at least once during your trip to Singapore.

Art galleries, massage shops, beauty parlours, and craft workshops are just a few other services that you’ll find in the lively and trendy area of Holland Village.