Merlions of Singapore

With the scaly body of a fish and the head of a fearsome lion, the Merlion is an omnipresent symbol throughout Singapore. It represents Singapore’s early life as a fishing area and the fact that Singapore’s name means the Lion City in Malay.

Used as one of the country’s main identifying symbols and appearing on many marketing and promotional materials, there are several places around the country where you can see large statues of the mythical creature.

Head to these spots to feast your eyes on a large Merlion in all its glory:

Merlion Park

The country’s original Merlion, now located in the lovely Merlion Park, is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the main island of Singapore. Standing at just over eight and a half metres tall, the magical Merlion looks out over the sparkling Marina Bay. Spurting water from his mouth and with a backdrop of modern skyscrapers, it is a very photogenic attraction. Try and visit the Merlion both by day and by night for totally different views of this mythical creature. The Merlion was initially sited at the end of the Singapore River in order to greet visitors to the country.

Merlion Park is also home to a smaller Merlion statue. Commonly referred to as the Merlion Cub, the smaller statue is much easier to photograph from the front. It is two metres tall and also sprays water from its mouth.

Sentosa Island

The enormous eye-catching Merlion on Sentosa Island really is a spectacular sight. Standing at 37 metres tall it is a mighty beauty! With a more ferocious face than the original statue, the Sentosa Merlion is also home to a number of other attractions. You can venture to the giant beast’s head for great views of the surrounding area and also pick up a few souvenirs in the Merlin gift shop. There is another observation deck on the ninth floor, where you can soak up the views from right inside the Merlion’s mouth! If you’re feeling peckish, grab a bite to eat at the café.

There is also an unofficial Merlion statue outside Universal Studios Singapore.

Tourism Court

Tourism Court boasts a three-metre Merlion. Head of the country’s tourism, swing by to see another stunning shiny Merlion.

Mount Faber

It is perhaps only fitting that the peak of the soaring Mount Faber is home to another beautiful Merlion statue. Standing at three metres tall, take a cool selfie with the country’s beast of legends and myths. The lush green park also offers great views, nice walking trails, and interesting murals.

Ang Mo Kio Avenue

Two small Merlion statues flank the entrance to a car park at Ang Mo Kio Avenue. Although theyare not officially recognized by the Singapore Tourist Board they are still fantastic sights for people who just can’t get enough of the Merlion. They were commissioned by a local resident’s committee and took up their proud positions in 1999.

Have fun visiting the different Merlions around Singapore and choosing your own personal favourite! Don’t forget to pick up some Merlion memorabilia as well on your travels!