Singapore for Sports Lovers

A variety of sporting activities are popular in Singapore, and there are several places where you can watch local sports as well as many sporting venues where you can get fit yourself if you are feeling active! Water sports, motor sports, football, volleyball, cricket, cycling, rugby, and basketball are amongst some of the common sports in Singapore. There are numerous sports bars too for people who want to watch an assortment of televised international events.

If you love sports, here are some great ideas of places to visit when in Singapore:

Singapore Sports Museum

Located at the Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore Sports Museum is a terrific place for visitors who are interested in the country’s sporting activities and achievements. Learn more about competitive sports in Singapore and look through the galleries that are dedicated to all things related to sports. Items have been provided to the museum by both fans and athletes. Knowledgeable volunteers are on hand to answer any questions that you may have and to provide interesting snippets of information. Fun and educational, you’ll find several interactive exhibits to really make your time interesting.

Singapore Turf Club

If you are a fan of horse racing head to the Singapore Turf Club. With races held at the weekends and on Friday evenings, it is a great place to see elegant and powerful horses racing around the modern track to be the winners of the competitions. Have a flutter or simply watch; the choice is yours.

Singapore Sports Hub

A fabulous place for people who want to actually have a go at an exciting array of sports and other activities, Singapore Sports Hub has something to get the whole family moving. From kayaking and canoeing to gym classes, have fun with exercise at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Football Grounds

Singapore’s S. League offers loads of excitement for fans of football. Watch a match between two league teams and absorb the electric atmosphere. Games are played between February and October. Matches take place in various stadiums around the country, including the National Stadium (Sports Hub), Bedok Stadium, Jurong Stadium, and Clementi Stadium.

Golf Courses

Singapore is home to several excellent golf courses where you can play as competitively or as leisurely if you like. Although some only accept members onto the greens there are several that also allow guests to enjoy a game.

Hantu Island

If you enjoy exploring the ocean with exciting scuba diving, the waters around Pulau Hantu (also known as Ghost Island) offer some of the country’s best diving. Strap on your tanks and equipment and descend to see an array of colourful and interesting marine life.

There are various specialist clubs around the country, such as a polo club, yachting club, and harriers association, as well as many modern and high-tech gyms and other sports facilities. Many of the country’s parks offer good walking trails and it is easy to find somewhere scenic to enjoy activities such as fishing, cycling, and skating. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a good swimming pool either. There really are many ways to watch and do sports in Singapore.