Spend a Fun-Filled Day at Singapore’s East Coast Park

Popular with locals and visitors alike, East Coast Park offers a weath of things to do for all. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spot to chill out on your own, somewhere to take the kids for fun and giggles, a place to hang out with your friends, or somewhere that you enjoy a touch of romance with your significant other, East Coast Park is sure to tick all of your boxes.

The largest park in Singapore, you can relax, enjoy varied activities, soak up the sun, mingle with others, eat and drink, and more. You really can spend the day just how you want to!

Here are some highlights of East Coast Park:

Chill on the Pretty Beach

East Coast Park is a top destination for beach-lovers on the main island of Singapore. A man-made beach on reclaimed land, soft sands were added to the landscapes, creating an enticing place to lay down your towel and spend a few hours working on topping up your sun tan or with your head buried in a good book. Children can build a sand castle, or other sand sculptures, or perhaps play some beach games like volleyball, football, and Frisbee. If it all gets a bit too hot, take to the calm waters and cool down! You can also seek some shade under a tree. Whilst there are plenty of eateries in the locale, why not make full use of the picnic areas and BBQ pits and ake along your own lunch or dinner? Enjoy the lovely seaside views and the cooling sea breeze as you enjoy some outdoor dining.

Wander Through Attractive Gardens

There are several pretty gardens in East Coast Park where you can take a leisurely stroll and admire the various colourful flowers and interesting plants. Take it slowly and inhale the delicious mixed fragrances of nature and you are sure to feel calm and relaxed.

Indulge in Some Fun Water Sports

Whilst you can certainly head into the sea for some swimming or fun with inflatable toys like rubber rings and dingies, how about ramping it up a notch and trying something a little more adventurous? Have you ever tried wakeboarding (also referred to at times as cable skiing)? If not, now’s your chance! Check out Ski360 Cable Ski and have a go at the diverse obstacles in the water as you bump along behind the fast boat. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’re sure to have heaps of fun!

Alternatively, you’ll also find the National Sailing Centre at East Coast Park. Charter a boat for the day, take a trip, or else just wander along and look at the boats bobbing on the gentle waters.

You can also rent peddle boats, kayaks, and canoes for a watery blast.

Have Fishing Funtimes

If you’re a fan of fishing, visit Bedok Jetty and pass a few pleasant hours seeing what you can manage to catch. You might even catch enough for your supper! If you prefer prawn fishing you’ll also find places around East Coast Park where you can do that too.

Get Your Game on with Mini Golf

Lilliput is one of the most fun attractions at East Coast Park, and it is suitable for people of all ages. Escape the Singaporean heat and head indoors into some air-conditioned comfort as you practice your swing and perfect your skills. As well as being a great activity, you can also take a journey around all of Singapore as you complete the different holes; each hole features miniatures of some of Singapore’s most famous attractions, places, and landmarks. Golfing at the Singapore Flyer anyone?!

Get Active with Some Sports

Amongst East Coast Park’s varied sporting activities are small bikes for kids, bicycle rentals, and jogging areas. The well-maintained tracks are not only good for bikers and joggers through – people who are into roller skating love to hang out here too. Additionally, often a hit with teenagers and young adults, XTreme Skate Park attracts skate boarding enthusiasts who are looking for some thrills.

If you’re feeling peckish and you didn’t take your own refreshments with you, check out the great hawker stalls at East Coast Food Lagoon. Big Splash and the East Coast Seafood Centre offen even more yummy goodness.