Spend a Day at Singapore Zoo

Whether you’re visiting Singapore with friends, as a couple, or on your own, the award-winning Singapore Zoo is a top place to mingle with locals for a fun day out. Naturally, it is also a huge hit with visiting families!
Dating back to 1969, it is also sometimes known as Mandai Zoo.

With a diverse assortment of creatures big and small from all over the world, pleasant grounds, and more, you can be sure that a day at Singapore Zoo will be one that you’ll remember for some time afterwards.
Here’s a bit of what you can expect from a visit:

Range of Interesting Creatures in Natural Enclosures

Animals are well-looked-after at Singapore Zoo, and they live in environments that resemble their natural habitats as closely as possible. This not only provides a more interesting experience for visitors, but, more importantly, it also ensures that the creatures live in comfort. The zoo’s concept is that of an open zoo; one where animals are not kept is sad-looking cages but rather are free to roam around large areas and kept in place by moats and, for the more dangerous species, glass walls.

There are eleven different zones in the zoo: Wild Africa, Gibbon Island, Primate Kingdom, Frozen Tundra, Fragile Forest, Australian Zone, Reptile Garden, Tortoise Shell-ter, Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, Treetop Trail, and Tropical Crops & Orchard Garden. Make sure that you don’t miss any of these fascinating areas whilst at the zoo; each offers a different fun experience.

Animals that live in the zoo include lions, kangaroos, polar bears, Komodo dragons, elephants, monkeys, tigers, gibbons, tortoises, cheetahs … and many, many more! Fans of slithery snakes can enjoy seeing fearsome cobras, pythons, boas, and rattlesnakes. Bird-lovers will be happy with the colourful selection of feathered friends, and there are also lots of reptiles, insects, and rodents to see.

Different Ways to Get around the Zoo

There are several nice walking trails to enjoy around the extensive grounds of the zoo, lined with lots of greenery and flowers. If you’re feeling a bit tired, or your kids are starting to moan about sore feet, why not take a ride on the cool sightseeing tram? Leading you past lots of interesting animals, it goes slowly enough for you to get a great view, as well as being able to snap some amazing pictures to make your friends and family back at home jealous! Hop on a boat and enjoy gorgeous views as you drift along the waters or be conveyed around the nice zoo whilst sitting in the back of a pony and cart.

Informative and Entertaining Shows and Demonstrations

Look out for signs showing the different times that animals will be fed – this is well-worth seeing!
A firm favourite with children, the Kidzranger Tour allow younger visitors to learn more about several creatures and try their hand at being a zookeeper!

There are various shows to enjoy, including seeing how a mahout (elephant handler) interacts with the graceful giant beasts, watching as sea lions frolic and play in the waters, being impressed as pelicans snap up their dinner in their large bills, parrots gaily putting on shows, and more.

Useful Information for Visiting Singapore Zoo

There are places to eat and drink located around the zoo’s grounds, dishing up a tempting selection of Singaporean and international fare. You’ll also find plenty of souvenirs to take back home with you in the zoo’s gift shops.

The zoo is open every day from 8.30 am until 6 pm (last admission time is at 5.30 pm). The admission fee for adults is 30 SGD, and it costs 22 SGD for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Children under the age of 3 have free entry, and concessions are available for seniors. Discounts are available for booking online.

Don’t miss visiting the awesome Singapore Zoo when exploring the Little Red Dot!